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Rodent Challenges Persist in Richmond

“Rodents have always been a problem.”

That’s the news from Western’s Richmond pest control branch manager Don Walton. Mice in participate seem to enjoy the comforts of Richmond-area homes, although there is a silver lining: no roof rats. “At least, not yet,” Walton says.

Richmond branch data proves rodents to be a year-round problem, and the interesting thing is that there is no real high season. This runs counter to the popular misconception that rodents are a wintertime nuisance. In reality, they challenge area homeowners throughout the year.

“You can have them anytime and anywhere,” Walton explains.

That makes rodent vigilance a priority for those looking to avoid damage and infestation. Nesting rodents can create health hazards, so you never want to look the other way. If you suspect mice have made themselves at home in yours, Walton’s rodent control experts can help.

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