Bird Control: Why It Matters

You may not consider birds to be harmful to your business but, unfortunately, they can be. Birds have the ability to cause serious damage to the outside of your facility, and if they make their way indoors, the health concerns are vast. Be proactive about bird control and you’ll improve the overall state of your facility and ensure successful inspections as well.

Bird Control1 Bird Control: Why It Matters

Birds can introduce lice, ticks, and disease risk.

What bird infestations can do…

Birds may sing a pretty song, but they sing a different tune when it comes to the extensive damage they are capable of if a problem goes unattended.

  • Unsightly and possibly foul smelling odors
  • Disease caused by contamination and a slew of other possible health risks
  • Other pests – fleas, ticks, and lice
  • Building damage which may signal unsanitary conditions to possible customers/consumers

From Your Commercial Pest Control Specialist: “Birds need to be on a business owner’s radar. They have the ability to host a variety of diseases and can severely effect a brand’s reputation” – Adam Smith, Senior Business Specialist in MD/DC

If you haven’t considered birds to be a pest, you need to start looking at them in a different light. If you find that your business has a bird control problem, contact your pest professional immediately. Western discreetly and humanely removes bird problems to prevent them from negatively impacting your business. Take action now.