Keeping Birds in Mind

Many don’t realize that, while birds may sing a pretty song, they can have a seriously negative impact on your business. They are riddled with potentially dangerous viruses and parasites, and can damage the exterior of your business with their droppings.

It’s important to understand just how much of an impact birds can have on your business’ reputation. The key to approaching a bird problem is to think like the bird you are trying to remove – and we know how to do just that.

Ed McConnell, Western’s Paramus, NJ Branch Manager, explains, “You have to be a little bit of a detective when it comes to bird control. You have to be able to think around any number of odd things. We have employees who are gifted when it comes to this work.”

ed mcconnell Keeping Birds in Mind

Discovering a solution to a bird removal problem is difficult, especially when trying to keep in mind the aesthetic appearance of the building and the safety of the birds themselves. Luckily, Western provides comprehensive bird removal services that include:

  • Preventing access
  • Repellant application
  • Trapping and relocating
  • Cleaning and sterilization

Pests don’t only include insects and rodents – it is just as important to keep your business safe from the possible repercussions of an exacerbated bird problem. If you suspect that your business is encountering a situation of this kind, be sure to contact a professional to deal with it.