The Economy’s Impact on Pest Control

The economy is slowly on the up-and-up, but many businesses are still feeling the repercussions of the recession. Unfortunately, for some, pest control has fallen to the wayside.

While a business owner’s first thought may be that eliminating proactive pest control will lower expenses, it actually does the direct opposite. If there is a pest issue going on that is not receiving immediate attention, the problem will get worse and worse and eventually become an extremely expensive issue to eradicate. And worse, it could even damage your business’ reputation.

Western’s Norwalk, CT Branch Manager, Don Pisack: “Many businesses decreased weekly services to monthly and then monthly to yearly. They always wind wps 300x198 The Economy’s Impact on Pest Controlup calling us back. The problem we previously had under control has now become a huge, huge issue, once again.”

Pest control is not something that should be left to chance – the more proactive you are with your business, the more likely you are to succeed. Pest control goes hand-in-hand with this notion.