Restaurant Pest Control

Restaurant Pest Control

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Positive experiences feed restaurant success, but poor restaurant pest control puts your hard work at risk. Western exceeds your commercial pest control needs, emphasizing discretion and expertise in the range of restaurant pests. From fly control for restaurants to treatments that ensure food safety, we’re here to help your restaurant make the grade.

Restaurant Pest Control: Improving the Dining Experience

Sensitivity to local health inspectors and food safety informs Western’s quality restaurant pest control.

  •    Experienced local technicians
  •    Expertise in local health inspections
  •    Eco-friendly IPM that emphasizes food safety
  •    Sanitation & maintenance tips
  •    Discreet, 24-hour emergency response
  •    In-service training available for your staff
  •    Fast-acting fly and roach control solutions, including OE-30 floor cleaning

Diners should notice your food – not your pests. Contact Western for a free commercial pest control consultation.