NYC Rodent Control and Exclusion Go Hand-in-Hand

In cities like New York, older properties offer numerous rodent entry points. NYC is full of historic, old buildings and their potential to create breeding grounds for pests is high. Unfortunately, rodents will always be problematic, which makes proactivity in your rodent control plan a smart bet.

NYC Rodent Removal1 NYC Rodent Control and Exclusion Go Hand in Hand

Older buildings in NYC require expert rodent control.

Monitoring and exclusion are the two most critical aspects of commercial rodent removal. A monitor works 24/7, keeping watch over your property and alerting your pest control team to mouse or rat infestation. Exclusion keeps rodents from entering in the first place.

From Your NY/North Jersey Commercial Pest Control Specialist: “With serious rodent pressures, a lot of emphasis is being placed on exclusion. Western has been doing more rodent exclusion work than ever before in our region.” – Mike Whalen, Commercial Regional Sales Manager, NY /Monmouth County, NJ

In NYC specifically, Whalen and his team often find themselves doing more rodent exclusion work than rodent control, per se. This holds outside of the city as well – from rural areas with rodents that come from the wilderness to Shore condos or townhomes with an influx of mice. He notes that exclusion is integral to Western’s Integrated Pest Management approach. By eliminating the factors that attract rodents and blocking off entryways, commercial rodent control can keep rodent issues in check.