Pest Control Maintenance Essentials

The hustle and bustle of everyday business is time-consuming. But a necessity that often falls to the wayside is general maintenance. Proactive pest control goes hand-in-hand with sanitation, and shouldn’t be skipped. Staying on top of maintenance now will save you the headache of dealing with damaging pest issues that could have been prevented. To help, here’s a handy checklist of your pest-maintenance essentials!

Pest Control Maintenance1 Pest Control Maintenance Essentials

Being methodical about maintenance can reduce pest pressures.

Pest Control Maintenance: Every Season

  • Plug Holes: Check for any holes or gaps along the exterior of the building. Pests and animals can creep in to holes as small as a coin so make sure to be diligent when investigating the structure. Areas that were not compromised last year may have been since.
  • Plan Landscaping: Different seasons call for different types of landscaping but it is always essential to keep shrubbery and mulch a good distance away from the sides of the structure.
  • Eliminate Moisture: Survey your property for leaky pipes or accumulation of moisture, whether indoors or out. Pests seek water, and leaks could be an open invitation to enter your facility.

Pest Control Maintenance: Every Day…

  • Remove Trash: Taking out the trash on a daily basis should be a given. But for industries such as restaurants or hospitality it is of utmost importance. Failing to dispose of food properly will draw a wide range of pests, from fruit flies to raccoons.
  • Emphasize Cleanliness: Simple sanitation measures should be practiced daily within any business. Clean up spills, wipe the counters, and store food properly.

Instill the mindset of proactive pest control and property maintenance, and your business will surely reap the happy consequences. If you find you have a pest difficulty that goes beyond your level of expertise, call your pest control partner. They should also be willing to help you establish the right sanitation and maintenance protocols for your facility.