Pest Partnership and Why You Need One

In any business, cultivating positive relationships is one of the most effective means of driving success. The same is true when it comes to your pest control provider. The ways in which you partner on challenges will have an impact on how well you can prevent pests and combat any problems.

How Pest Control Partnership Works

checklist1 Pest Partnership and Why You Need OneA good pest-control provider will educate the business’ employees on pests to keep an eye out for and, importantly, when and where they may appear. This allows your pest professional to deal with pest problems efficiently and effectively. With this in mind, many of Western’s service agreements involve scheduled customer training sessions that are presented by an Entomologist or local supervisor.

Detailed pest control documentation and service details also help businesses run more successfully – and are mission critical when auditors arrive. Western understands the importance of proper documentation in a facility and our pest professionals fully explain what we do and how. Then we leave a clear paper trail that stands up to auditors’ high standards.

What you can do to help

Your business needs to partner with a pest control provider who you feel can best educate you and your team on how and what to help rectify or prevent a problem. Some examples:

  • Take five minutes a day to go around with caulk or dry cement and close up any holes or gaps you may find throughout the facility.
  • Educate yourself. An effective pest control provider will communicate well with employees and maintenance teams through training programs.
  • Call when you cannot handle a possible pest issue. That’s what the partnership is there for.

From Your Commercial Pest Control Specialist: “We are trying to help them, but if they aren’t participating then it won’t work nearly as well as it should.” – John Kane, Technical Specialist in CT/NY/North Jersey

Communication is a huge part of an effective partnership. Make the time for pest control and protect the reputation and success of your business.