Rodents Challenge Shore Businesses after Sandy

Sandy may be well behind us, but her effects remain, with homes and businesses throughout Western’s Jersey Shore service area feeling the effects. Some businesses, sadly, are cutting their losses and closing permanently. Others are confronting long repairs and challenges of another kind: namely, pests.

“There are numerous issues from the flooding, from wet insulation to rodent control challenges,” notes Cape May, Egg Harbor, and Toms River branch manager Phil Ziolkowski. “Because buildings were damaged, there are more ways for rodents to get in.”Rodents Shore1 Rodents Challenge Shore Businesses after Sandy

Problems with mice – and even rats – may continue for some time. Ziolkowski attributes this to:

  • Ongoing construction, which can leave properties vulnerable, with open gaps and cracks
  • Remaining debris, which creates harborage for mice and other pests
  • Damage to the local ecosystem, which has displaced rodents and sent them on the prowl for food, water and shelter

If there was ever a time to work closely with your commercial rodent control partner, it’s now. They can guide you as you rebuild, offering suggestions to tighten and protect your property. The process may be long and difficult, but working together, we can and will rebuild the shore that we know and love.