Closed for the Season, But Open to Pests

Especially in a challenged economy, it can be tempting to let pest control drop off in the winter months. In years like this one, however, that can be a mistake. Especially after Sandy, businesses are encountering unusual pest pressures across the Jersey Shore.

Rodents, in particular, are a recurring problem.

“Businesses may be saving a dollar by cutting back on pest control,” says Cape May, Egg Harbor, and Toms River branch manager Phil Ziolkowski, “but it’s not worth it if they have mice as a result.”Closed For Season 300x200 Closed for the Season, But Open to Pests

Months after the storm, rodents have become a serious nuisance in areas where their normal habitats have been compromised. This means that business owners who have shuttered for the season with no plans to return until spring may encounter an unpleasant surprise when they open their doors. If you haven’t checked your property conditions recently, consider a visit. The sooner a problem with rodents is addressed, the better.