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Chimney Capping Services

Pest control sometimes involves more than insects - without proper chimney capping, birds, raccoons, squirrels and other pests can easily enter your house.

Western Pest Services is proud to offer America's best-made chimney cap:

In addition to introducing a unique advantage to pests, uncapped chimneys also pose other problems; pests can easily become trapped inside and birds often find unblocked chimneys to be a cozy place to nest. Simple to install and nearly maintenance-free, chimney capping prevents problems before they occur.

Chimney Capping Keeps Overwintering Animals Out

Much like you, animals seek shelter from the cold during the fall and winter months. Your chimney may be providing just the entry they are seeking if it is not adequately covered. While you might not normally think of it this way, this makes chimney capping an important part of overall pest control.

Don't let your roof be the gateway to your home for unwanted pests. Keep them out with proven effective chimney caps from Western.

Chimney Capping Services