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Western is one of the industry's leading companies in fumigation technology, and in tracking and responding to changing trends. Our service procedures will protect the quality of your perishable items, and will comply with all government regulations, technical and safety training, licensing, and use of certified applicators. We work with internationally recognized food safety consultants who are fully versed in HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).
Your Partner in Food Safety & Security ®

Western offers timely, cost-effective treatment solutions to meet fumigation challenges.

Our areas of expertise include importing and exporting, food processing and storage, museum fumigation, military needs, and many other services. Our skilled experts have been entrusted with jobs such as fumigation of missile silos, removing wood-destroying insects from historic Newport, RI mansions, and saving perishable agricultural cargo from contaminated soil.

And you can always trust Western to be serious about safety and security. Our certified applicators are on site at every fumigation to prevent problems from occurring. Additionally, we were the first fumigation company in the U.S. to conduct pre-employment screening that includes full personal and criminal background checks. We work with seven different government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, to regulate our activities. And our compliance officer keeps us ahead of the curve on security and regulatory issues.

We offer a wealth of resources, experience and consulting relationships. Our consultants include a 30-year USDA veteran who pioneered the pre-clearance program for imported fruits from Chile, and other quarantine treatments for commodities from around the world.

We're pro-active supporters in the search for safe, effective alternatives to methyl bromide.

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