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Mice and Rodent Pest Control

Mouse control becomes a big priority in fall and winter, but rodent pest control is actually an all-year concern. Much like you, mice and rats move indoors when the temperature drops, but sources of food and shelter bring these pests to your home year round.

Mice Leave Calling Cards

Mice and rats do more than elicit high-pitched screams when scurrying across a room. These pests leave behind evidence in the form of droppings, gnaw marks, and more - all of which can have negative health effects on you and your family.

Don't let mice control you. Stop rodent problems now with Western.

Complete Rodent Pest Control Solutions

Western Pest Services understands the risks associated with these furry intruders, and provides complete house-mouse control as part of our Home Protection Plans. Western uncovers common mouse and rodent entry points, along with sources of food and water that may attract them.

During seasonal visits from your Western Pest Technician, we will revisit past entry points and ensure that no new ones have emerged, keeping your house free of mice and rats all throughout the year. Learn more about complete home pest control from Western and you'll have house mouse control covered.

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