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Mosquito Control Plan

Program Overview

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Mosquitoes detract from your outdoor enjoyment by their nuisance biting and the threat they pose of transmitting mosquito-borne diseases, such as West Nile. Western's Integrated Mosquito Reduction and Control Plan is a detailed program customized to your specific situation.

Mosquito Reduction and Control Details

Western's Integrated Mosquito Reduction and Control Plan includes two parts - a Standing Water Treatment and a Residual Application.

Standing Water Treatment

Since some standing water, like decorative pools, cannot be eliminated or changed, Western will custom design the appropriate treatment application, depending on location and conditions. The purpose of this treatment is to control the larval phase of mosquitoes. This prevents their further development into adults, and reduces future populations of biting adult mosquitoes in your backyard.

Residual Application

In the second part of this plan, Western will treat your property with a residual application to target areas where adult mosquitoes are known to land or rest. This will help reduce and control active adult mosquito populations.

With this innovative integration approach, mosquito populations will be effectively reduced, and most importantly, you'll get your yard back.

Integrated mosquito control plan