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Termite Pest Control

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Program Overview

What's the best way to handle termites? Western offers 3 innovative termite treatment programs that do the trick! With Western's Zone Defense™ Program, the "treated zone" technology allows the termite to either ingest or carry the termiticide directly to the colony. This leads to 100% control in less than 120 days. Western prides itself on being the leader in innovative pest control techniques and taking that extra step to insure a first quality job!

Western's Advanced Termite Baiting System takes another approach to termite control. After placing termite baiting stations in key locations around your home, Western monitors these stations for termite activity. Termites feed on Recruit™ IV termite bait and send other termites in their colony back to feed on the bait. As the termites continue to feed on this bait, the colonies decline. After a colony has been eliminated, the bait will be replaced with new electronic monitoring devices and Western will continue to monitor those stations on a regular basis.

Finally, Western offers a third treatment option, Western's Targeted Defense Program. This program offers a full liquid treatment around the perimeter of the house. Liquid treatment is then followed up with targeted interior treatment within the garage wall that is connected to the structure (where needed).


Western's Targeted Defense®


Perfect for homes with unfinished basements - fight termite infestations where they happen.


Western Zone Defense Program

Three lines of defense that offer immediate protection backed by advanced termite warning systems.


Western's Advanced Termite Baiting System
(Triple Line of Defense ®)

Detect any new colony that might invade your property.

Termite protection and control services