Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

Low-Risk and Environmental Pest Control Services

Western Pest Services is dedicated to environmental sustainability. Western understands that it is our obligation to be a steward of the environment. We want to enjoy the beauty and wonder of this world today and in the future. That is why Western practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is a proven effective and eco-friendly multi-faceted approach to pest control. Western’s pest management focuses on the 3 principles of IPM:

  1. Pest Control Education

    Education is vital to the pest control process.In order to accomplish our united goal of being pest-free, it is imperative that our dialogue with our customers be open and honest. We must share the responsibility of pest management. As a result, Western educates our customers on what led to their pest problem and how they can reduce the probability that it will return. If our customers are educated on pests and their behaviors, they will be able to take preventative measures to protect their home in the future.

    If our customers make this commitment to learn from the expertise of our licensed professionals, the need for environmentally responsible pest treatments diminishes.Western takes this commitment to educate our customers very seriously, and we take the obligation to continue to train and educate our people very seriously too. This enables us to further our own expertise. There is no end to learning. We must constantly educate ourselves on the behaviors of pests as well the latest treatment technologies and prevention measures. Unfortunately there is no one answer to making our customers pest-free.

  2. Proactive Pest Prevention

    The Key to IPM is addressing problems before they arise. The IPM approach focuses on eliminating three important elements needed for pest to survive: food, water, shelter.After an initial survey of your home, Western’s trained technician will recommend the best way to eliminate these elements. By following simple sanitary guidelines, potential pest problems can be avoided. For example, you shouldn’t leave dishes in the sink overnight. Spills and crumbs should be cleaned up right away.

    By improving sanitation conditions, you are essentially removing the pests’ food source.The second key element is to remove the pests’ water source. Clearing leaves out of gutters and eliminating standing water in your yard are examples of how to accomplish this.The third key element is to eliminate the pests’ shelter; or in other words deny them access to your home. There are numerous ways to do this – caulk holes between pipes and walls, trim tree limbs and brush so they are no closer than 2 feet from your home, use window screens when possible, etc.This proactive principle focuses on a permanent solution to your pest problems rather than a temporary chemical-based application. Western’s trained technicians can help you develop a prevention program that works best for you. These preventative measures promote our sustainability effort by being the least disruptive to our environment.

  3. Environmentally Responsible Pest Control:

    As a steward of the environment, Western takes measures whenever possible to minimize environmental impact.Western Pest is very selective of the materials it uses in your home. We choose low-risk materials that leave the smallest environmental footprint as possible. This final step in IPM is followed only after the first two steps are exhausted – Education and Proactive Prevention. Even then, Western ensures that it follows a targeted application process. None of our applications are routine or broad-based.

Western’s Pledge to the Environment

Western Pest Services’ commitment to you, our customer and the environment is a long-term one.

Our people and our pest control services focus on sustainability. As a steward of the environment, it is our duty to preserve the health and well-being of our customers as well as the environment. That is our pledge.

Pest-Free Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll refund the cost of service.