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4 Effective Ways to Respond to Customer Feedback

Armed with the latest technology and apps, travelers can share their feedback in real-time through online reviews or social media posts. This 24/7 feedback cycle creates a sense of immediacy for hotel managers and responding in real-time is expected. This can be overwhelming without a plan. Utilize these four proactive and reactive methods to make the most of customer feedback:

  1. Engage with online reviews. Hospitality managers should monitor their hotel’s online reviews on sites like TripAdvisor, Travelocity, Yelp, and Google. While thanking reviewers for their positive feedback is a best practice, engaging with negative reviews is imperative – but only if it’s done without getting defensive. Reacting to negative feedback from a solution-oriented standpoint has the potential to deflect what would be a negative situation into a neutral or even positive one. By interacting directly with online reviews, hotels can provide an exceptional level of customer service for all to see while also helping protect their reputation.
  2. Send an in-stay survey. Rather than wait for feedback, consider a more proactive approach by sharing a brief in-stay survey via text or email. Similar to the staff asking, “How is everything going with your stay?”, these surveys provide a channel for direct, easy-to-monitor feedback that also allows for improvement during the stay. As a proactive measure, in-stay surveys help prevent many issues from becoming public on social media or trip review sites.
  3. Have your partners on-call. Regardless of how you collect feedback, be ready to fix the problem at hand. Having your maintenance, HVAC, and pest control partners on-call helps bring about solutions faster. With an on-call team, your hotel sets a precedent for addressing customer feedback and shows dedication and immediacy that customers will notice. It could turn a possible negative review about a problem into a positive one about how quickly the problem was dealt with.
  4. Stop potential problems before they become issues. Yes, it’s great to have a reliable and efficient on-call team, but it’s even better to solve issues before your guests even notice them. By performing maintenance tasks and pest control regularly, you help to reduce your instances of big, overwhelming issues that negatively impact your customer experience. Even proactive bed bug treatments are available to keep little introductions from escalating into major problems.

Following these four easy steps will help your hotel stay on top of the trends by utilizing customer feedback in real-time.

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