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5 Reasons to Get Proactive with Your Bed Bug Treatment

No one wants to deal with bed bug infestations; but unfortunately for most hotels, they’re nearly inevitable. One of the best ways to minimize bed bug infestations is to take a proactive approach instead of a reactive one. That’s why Western created the BedBug Pro365™ program, which helps control your budget and protect your reputation. Below are some reasons why proactive bed bug treatments from Western Pest Services could be the best option for you.closeup of bed bug

We begin with an initial hotel-wide inspection to identify any existing issues and create a plan to remove them.

  • Proactive treatments help create a barrier to reduce the chances of introductions from becoming full-blown infestations.
  • Proactively treating for bed bugs reduces the time rooms are out-of-service, meaning more occupancy and dollars earned. BedBug Pro365™ treatments do not require return visits like reactive treatments.
  • Getting ahead of the problem and stopping an infestation minimizes the need to replace soft goods. Bed bugs get into chairs, linens, mattresses, pillows, and wall sockets. Quickly, the list of items to be replaced grows ten-fold. When rooms are treated ahead of time, you’re less likely to need to replace soft goods, should a bed bug problem occur.
  • Proactive treatments help decrease damage to your reputation. Despite the facts, many people link bed bug infestations to the cleanliness of an establishment. It can be hard to recover from the hit your hotel’s reputation might take for a bed bug infestation.
  • Regularly treating bed bugs proactively offers a consistent pest control budget, instead of an unexpected, larger expense if you reactively treat. Knowing what your proactive costs will be means easier planning and budgeting for you. And if an issue arises in rooms under the program, Western guarantees their work – providing additional treatments until the problem is resolved.

Western Pest Services is dedicated to identifying potential bed bug issues before an infestation occurs, helping to keep treatment costs under control and your hard-earned reputation intact. Learn more about Western’s BedBug Pro365™ service here.

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