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Category: Stinging Pest Facts

Stinging Pest Info: Differences between Wasps, Hornets & Types of Bees

Whether you’re dealing with a hornet’s nest in the wall, wasps around your restaurant’s entrance, or bees in the backyard, coping with these insects can be difficult. That’s why the Western Pest Services team has gathered all our stinging pest information in a single guide, so you have access to accurate, relevant facts when you need them most.

Stinging pests around your home or business can be a risky proposition for your family, employees, or customers. A bee or wasp sting is painful for most people and dangerous for those with allergies. Find out about the differences between these insects, what they look like, and more stinging pest facts by reading through the posts in our handy guide.

When it comes to bee, wasp, or hornet nests on your property, it’s good to know how to identify the pests and when to get help. If you’re concerned or need more stinging pest information about a current insect problem, contact Western Pest Services to get assistance in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, or Pennsylvania.

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