Local Pest Guide: Philadelphia, PA

Residential & Commercial Pest Control Issues in Philadelphia

The largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia is home to over a million citizens, thousands of businesses, and several college and university campuses. Its rich history and convenient location between New York and Washington, D.C make the City of Brotherly Love a popular destination for tourists looking to explore the region.

With so many people visiting, living, and working in Philly’s approximately 140 square miles, pests can be a problem for residents and the companies that operate there. Out of town guests may unintentionally bring bed bugs to Lancaster, PA, hotels while the food from hundreds of restaurants can lure rodents and insects out looking for a meal.

Common Pests in Philly

To prevent problems, if you own a home or business in Philadelphia, be on the lookout for these invaders:

  • Cockroaches – These hardy insects lurk in the dark after sneaking inside through drains, crevices, or by hitchhiking on bags or boxes. They pick up harmful bacteria as they crawl around, which can contaminate food and trigger asthma and allergy symptoms in some people.
  • Termites – Termites get into homes and businesses where wooden materials come into contact with the soil. Decks, fences, support beams, and siding provide ample food sources as well as serving as ideal habitats for infestations around Pennsylvania.
  • Rats – Rats are excellent climbers and swimmers that gain access to structures through drains, small openings near pipes, or foundation cracks. These well-known vectors of disease may also bite if they feel threatened.
  • Mice – This pest is able to squeeze through tiny holes to get indoors. Once inside, they can ruin food and other belongings with their droppings. Additionally, these rodents can cause fire hazards by chewing on electrical wiring and cords.

Philadelphia Pest Control for Businesses

Rodents and insects may create concerns for those who run restaurants in Spring House and other areas near Philly. Strong smells, spills, and scraps often attract pests, which can alarm customers and potentially hurt a business’s reputation. Other places in PA like farmers’ markets, retail or grocery stores, and warehouses could also have products damaged.

Companies around Philadelphia and Wayne, PA, should keep an eye on these locations that are most susceptible to infestations:

  • Pantries, break rooms, and kitchens – You may find pests in storage areas searching for a meal. Other times they leave behind clues like chewed packages or droppings. You might catch them hiding in corners near refrigerators, stoves, or garbage bins with food inside.
  • Windows and doors – Many flies and some termites will swarm near sources of light. You may notice cast off wings on windowsills or around other entrances.
  • Drains, basements, and bathrooms – Many pests, such as cockroaches, thrive in damp places. Inspect near sewer pipes, sinks, toilets, and other areas that are moist or have standing water. You may also find black flecks of their waste on surrounding surfaces or walls.

Bed Bugs Cause Big Issues

Bed bugs also create problems for Philadelphia residents and companies like retirement communities, hospitals, or hotels. They reproduce quickly and hide on beds and sofas. Each night, they come out to feed on blood. Bites from bed bugs can cause red, itchy welts. These insects also leave behind spots of poop, ruining sheets, mattresses, and upholstery.

Preventing and Solving Pest Problems

The best way to avoid pest issues in Philadelphia or elsewhere is through prevention. Here are some steps you can take to deter rodents and other pests:

  • Seal off any entry points – Check for gaps around pipes, doors, and other openings and fill them in with caulking, mesh, or material that creates a barrier. Replace any window screens that have holes or tears as well.
  • Clean up clutter – Remove hiding places by keeping your home, stockroom, or office neat and organized. You should also avoid piling items on the floor.
  • Eliminate food access – Sweep up any spills or crumbs as soon as you can. Wash dishes and empty trash bins often. It’s also a good idea to store pantry staples in glass or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Correct moisture concerns – Leaky pipes and pet dishes provide water for invading insects, mice, and rats. Fix plumbing promptly and be sure to pick bowls up each evening.

If you think you may have an infestation, get help right away from a trained professional. Doing so can minimize the risk of illness, injury, or damage to your property. Contact Western Pest Services to set up a thorough inspection by one of our experts. Together you can make a plan to protect your Philadelphia home or business from troubles with pests.