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What Is Pest Exclusion?

Pest exclusion is an old idea, but if the company you use doesn’t have experience with it, you could be wasting time and money. Plainly put, pest exclusion is a preventative tactic that involves sealing up areas of your home where pests are likely to enter – essentially, denying pests access in the first place. It may sound simple, but for pest exclusion to work, you need a company that stays up to date on the newest exclusion technology and ideas while still having years of experience behind them. Companies that can offer you both that experience, and the current know-how could have the upper hand when it comes to keeping pests out.

What pests will proper exclusion work help with?

Pest Exclusion for Rats and Mice

These pests are especially difficult to keep out since the gaps they need to get in are very small. Mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime, while rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. The fact that they directly or indirectly transmit 35 diseases – including Hantavirus, salmonellosis, and typhus – makes them especially important to keep out. Additionally, their urine, feces, and fur carry allergens that can aggravate asthma. Only a trained eye will be able to spot the small gaps these pests need. The trained and certified technicians at Western Pest Services have been doing that for quite a while and can certainly help.

Pest Exclusion for Bats

Nobody wants bats in their belfry! Even if you aren’t sure what a belfry is, you still don’t want bats in there. They are a protected species, though. So, not only do you need someone with experience dealing with exclusion work, but you also need someone who knows the laws and regulations around them and is sensitive to the situation. There are actually plants that wholly depend on bats to pollinate their flowers or spread their seeds. They also eat insects – controlling their population. Knowing all of that, they also can spread a large variety of viruses, bacteria, and fungi, not to mention keep you and your family up at night with their nocturnal noises. Use a company that will install the correct exclusions so that the bats that are in your home can get out but not back in.

Pest Exclusion for Birds

It’s true that birds will actually eat some of the insects that could be in your home for you. If you think about what vultures eat, they are really nature’s sanitation department. That doesn’t mean you want them flying around your attic, leaving urine and feces that can cause odors and even weaken the structure of your home. We have the deterrents and exclusions that can help keep them outside where they belong.

Exclusion for Skunks, Woodchucks, & Other Pests

It’s not just attics that can attract pests and may need exclusion work done. Porches, under decks, and under and Western can keep skunks out of your commercial buildings and structuresinside sheds are prime spots for these pests. The fact that you aren’t in those areas every day makes them quieter than inside your home, and therefore, more attractive. Besides the obviously stinky side effect of having a skunk taking up residence anywhere near your home, they and their counterparts like voles and woodchucks can cause fire hazards by chewing through electrical wires. Without these rodents, the insect population would be too much for anyone to deal with, so they do have their place in the ecosystem, but they do NOT have a place in your home. The correct exclusion work employed by an experienced company can keep them out in the wild where they belong.

Pests like these are not only difficult to manage, but they are opportunistic. That means they can adapt to many different situations in order to stay alive, taking whatever opportunity for shelter, food, and water that is presented to them. The company you choose should have exclusion experience but should also be flexible enough to come up with creative solutions for the safest and most effective ways to get pests out and keep them out.

Exclusion work is not a new concept, and any company that is telling you it is, well, maybe it’s just new to them. If that’s the case, they don’t know enough about it to be effective. Western has been at this since 1928. You make up your own mind about it, but to us, that means experience and expertise. If you need us to help with exclusion work, contact us today.

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