Commercial Pest Control Documentation

Service documentation is a key ingredient in delivering superior commercial pest control, and is essential to successful third-party audits. Your documentation is maintained on-site in a Quality Assured (QA) Log Book for total access to:

  • Findings and recommendations
  • Materials we used and where we used them
  • Type of pest we treated (if any)
  • Notes any sanitation or structural deficiencies and how to address them
  • Reference materials for further education

ScanPro™ Handheld Technology

  • Record inspection findings
  • Customize treatment methods at each station
  • Track service dates
  • Access building schematics
  • Cross-reference past service data zone

Commercial pest control documentation varies from client to client, but may include:

  • State regulations
  • State Pesticide Control Office
  • Specialized reprints, based on your industry and program


  • Right To Know
  • Complete list of approved pesticides, with copies of labels
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and/or Labels


  • Guidelines for sanitation and structural integrity
  • Western Sanitation and Pest Control Inspection Report
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMPs) – Sanitation

Service Program Details

  • Original survey, inspection report, and proposal
  • Future surveys and inspection reports

Plot Plan

  • Location of rodent control devices
  • Location of insect control devices
  • Mapping and baiting

Special Service Request Report

  • Date problem reported
  • Location of problem
  • Person reporting problem
  • Special Service Verification, with dates & technician initials

Service Reports: Confidential Pest Elimination and Sanitation Log Reports

  • Pesticides used, infestation treated & location
  • General conditions noted by service technician
  • Housekeeping, observations & structural deficiencies

Quality Assurance: Your Western Service Team

  • Customer Service Representative & Service Supervisor
  • Account Representative
  • Branch & Regional Managers, with address / phone #
  • Other Western offices

Additional Services Available

  • Flying Insect Control
  • Wood Destroying Insect Control
  • Bird Control
  • Bird Exclusion
  • Sanitation and Reporting