Bird Control for Architecture & Engineering

Birds can disrupt how well utilities and facilities function. Bird droppings on solar panels reduce energy efficiency; bird nests in air exchanges cause public health issues; bird damage to structures may compromise the building’s integrity. The best way to approach these types of bird control issues is by proper preparation during the planning phases of building development. Western offers consultative solutions that are tailored to suit your building’s needs. These bird control systems include the following benefits:

  • A system designed to deal with specific bird species your facility may encounter
  • A system integrated into business development plans and drawings to help alleviate bird pressure
  • Science-based bird control that effectively deters populations
  • Marine/aeronautic-grade materials that withstand solar and weather pressures
  • Cost-effective solutions that keep contract approvals in mind and leverage vendor pricing to carry over savings
  • Systems based on pre-designed plans and specifications
  • High-quality operations conducted by personnel experienced with construction
  • Western takes your requirements into account when creating bird control systems for your facility. This ensures successful services and operations.