Real Estate & Property Management

Without proper bird exclusion, issues with residents, facilities, and overall property values can arise, specifically in the way of real estate and property management. In regards to property management, it’s essential that a reliable bird control partner is chosen in order to offer effective, cost-saving solutions. Ineffective bird control has an equal impact on the real estate industry as well, considering the consequences bird debris, droppings, and birds themselves may have on the value of a property. Western’s bird control services are tailored to suit your specific needs, designing systems that consider all aspects of the property.

Benefits include:

  • A custom-built bird control system tailored for specific bird species, while maximizing property value
  • A system that is integrated into building plans, including the use of products that help neutralize disease risk
  • Science-based bird control that deters populations
  • Waste management that complies with environmental regulations
  • Use of marine/aeronautic-grade materials to withstand environmental pressures
  • A system that does not impact the purpose of the property
  • Helps maximize a net gain in sell value
  • Cost-effective
  • Experienced personnel