Pest Control for Logistics and Distribution Centers


With the constant hustle and bustle of the logistics industry, consistent and reliable pest control is critical. Regular inspections help to prevent and stop costly infestations, preserving your profit margins. The professionals at Western Pest Services guarantee they’ll get the job done right.

Common Pests in the Logistics Industry

Warehouses and distribution centers offer plenty of spots for insects and rodents to hide, eat, and live. Problem species include:

  • Cockroaches: These insects prefer dark, damp conditions and feed on just about anything, especially rotting organic matter. Packing materials, like cardboard and plastic, create the perfect hiding place for roaches.
  • Rodents: Able to pass through a hole the size of a dime or larger, mice are frequent residents of storage facilities. A mouse may chew through containers, damage products, and contaminate goods in their waste.
  • Ants: Tiny and abundant, these pests enter structures to seize the chance for a free meal. They favor sweet substances, but the insects have a broad diet. It’s likely that facility managers who spot one ant have many more living nearby.
  • Birds: Open loading docks allow birds to fly into warehouses. These nuisances often become trapped in buildings, unable to find an exit. They leave droppings and transmit lice and other parasites, creating an unsanitary environment.
  • Flies: Drawn to any organic material, flies are a constant annoyance in the logistics industry. Open doors and docks provide easy access to distribution centers, where they can swarm and spread diseases to workers and contaminate goods.
  • Bed Bugs: Bed bugs travel on and live in just about any fabric, such as laundry and furniture. These pests feed on the blood of mammals and birds, leaving irritated and itchy bumps. Infestations are difficult to treat and often result in damaged products.

Our tried and true Integrated Pest Management program has a proactive approach for prevention and ongoing maintenance at storage and transportation facilities. Highly skilled technicians conduct inspections to handle any issues that arise and help you avoid disruptions to your business.

Areas of Concern

Food Storage

Facilities that house food are most at risk. Broken packaging, spilled product, and waste bins all serve to attract an array of unwanted pests, including rodents, ants, and other stored food pests.

Elevated Rafters

High ceilings and exposed beams in warehouses allow rats and birds to travel, rest, and build nests. These animals often move in, making an unsightly mess and spreading harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Un-Rotated Stock

It is vital to rotate inventory regularly. Not only does this practice avoid the loss of expired goods, but it also helps keep items free of pests. When boxes remain unchecked, mice and insects can invade quickly.

Why Choose Western Pest Services?

The logistics industry is all about organization and quality control, and the experts at Western Pest Services understand that. We provide documentation, guidelines, and lists with every checkup. Our clients can also access their accounts online to get vital information and reports in just a few clicks.

We adhere to the highest standards of audit compliance, ensuring your products are safe and up to code. With customized treatment plans and a deep understanding of the issues facing the logistics industry, Western Pest Services can deliver the confidence you need to run a successful business.


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