Rodents in Warehouse Facilities

Storage & Warehousing Facilities: Investigate for Rodents Now

Just like snow and frost, rodents are a staple of cool weather, much to the dismay of business owners. As temperatures plunge, rodents desperately seek refuge in man-made structures, specifically warehousing facilities, due to the sustenance and shelter often inadvertently offered here. The monetary consequences of a rodent problem can, at times, be vast. Your best means of prevention is heightened attention, knowledge, and investigation.

From Your Commercial Pest Control Specialist: “Many employees aren’t incentivized to take a good look at the shipments they receive. Ideally, when that truck is opened up, he/she should notice or take a look to see if there is an obvious mouse presence. This is the perfect time to cancel a bad shipment, rather than later.” – Jennifer Brumfield, Entomologist B.C.E.

The flow of business may not be conducive to spending more time checking for signs of a rodent issue. But a successful, pest-free business will see it as an investment of time. There is an extensive amount of money, time, and headaches saved through dedicating an extra few minutes to checking for mice or rat calling cards.

What You Can Do to Prevent Rodents

  • Seal: Seal up the building. Eliminating possible entry points is a must and is better done now, rather than deeper into the winter.
  • Food Storage: Split food storage up into sections. If one is infested, it will take longer for the other items to possibly suffer the consequence of this infestation as well. That means if you find out that one area is compromised, you can take action to save the others.
  • Movement: Occasionally moving items around helps to reduce the possibility of a mice or rat problem.
  • Timing: Food that comes in first should be shipped out first. The oldest item should always be sent out first.

“If you store all of your edible items together, the chances that your problem will spread to the entire stock are significantly greater.” – Jennifer Brumfield

norway_ratIf you feel like your rodent problem is unmanageable, call a pest professional who will both educate you and remove the problem. Heighten your facility’s attention to detail when it comes to shipments, and you will greatly and effectively decrease your chances of a rodent infestation this winter. Invest the time, and you’ll save time.

3 Ways to Eliminate Rodents in the Warehouse

  • Inspect Incoming Shipments. Even if your warehouse protocols are up to par, there’s no guarantee that the same can be said of your suppliers. Inspect every skid, every time.
  • Rotate Your Product. The longer product sits, the more vulnerable it is to rodent invasion. Reduce the chance for harborage by regularly moving product within the warehouse.
  • Watch the perimeter. Exterior bait stations help reduce rodent pressure and lessen the likelihood of rodents getting inside.
  • Maintain an “inspection aisle” between stacks of product and the walls. This space should be wide enough to enable the service technician to inspect behind and between stacks.