Pest Control in Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities Fighting More Pest Pressures

Storage facilities are in high demand, as homeowners downsize, or – on the East Coast – inhabit temporary homes in the wake of Sandy. That can mean more items in storage facilities, or a different assortment of items, some of which can entice pests like rodents.

Rodents are a common problem in storage facilities.

From Your Commercial Pest Control Specialist: “Sometimes people end up needing to move quickly, and they don’t always know what’s in the boxes they’re storing. If they end up including food items, that unit can become very attractive to rodents.” – Hope Bowman, Technical Specialist, South Jersey / PA / DE

Rolling doors used in many storage facilities are not especially mouse-proof, so if there are food items in storage, they will help themselves. The best solution? Monitors and bait stations can pinpoint problems, and once you know which units are attracting mice or rats, you’re that much closer to eliminating them. “Monitors in the hallways help. If one catches mice regularly, it’s a lot easier to branch out from there and identify where mice are getting in. Then we can work with the owners of the unit to eliminate the problem.” – Hope Bowman

If you have mice stowed away in your facility, a rodent control professional can help. Not only will they help keep your facility in good working order, they will protect the contents of your tenants’ valuables from becoming a rodent’s next meal.