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  • Proactive bed bug treatments to catch them at introduction
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Whether you own the building or you're the manager of a free-standing theater, a concert hall, a playhouse, or a movie theater, reputation is everything. Reviews can make or break you. Having a clean, fresh, pest-free environment creates an excellent first impression. We can help! Your guests could have a bed bugs hitchhiking in on their clothing or bags. Our highly-trained canines can detect bed bugs early at a 90-95 percent effectiveness rate to save you money, time, and reputation. We can also help you go beyond cleaning with our Western PurClean™ disinfectant treatment and provide scenting services to neutralize the foul odors that can come from garbage or dumpster areas or add a pleasant, calming scent in your common areas! We will also keep out the known pests that love a concession stand or bar like the one your building may have including cockroaches, rodents, and flies.

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With so many people coming in and out of entertainment venues in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, pest issues can be a problem. If your theater, playhouse, or concert hall, no matter how big or small, has a food concession stand and/or a bar, pests like bar flies, rodents, and cockroaches will be drawn to it. We employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies, which include a wide range of treatment methods to help prevent or remove these pests and more. Learn more about your industry's most common pest threats:

Pest Control in Entertainment Venues

Mid-Atlantic entertainment venues whether they are a movie theater, a concert hall, or a broadway (or off-broadway) playhouse, face serious challenges when it comes to pests. Food crumbs, soda spills, and garbage attract insects and rodents. In some cases, ticketholders' clothing or bags can even introduce pests to your seating. Since venues like these have multiple access points, food sources, and hiding places, an efficient integrated pest management program is essential for a successful pest control program in your building.

Common Pests in Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues provide near-perfect living conditions for cockroaches. Dark hiding places, spilled popcorn, and sticky splashes of soda or beer make roaches feel right at home. Since cockroaches also hang out in sewer pipes and dumpsters, they can transmit harmful pathogens to employees and patrons just by walking on surfaces. Cockroach sightings resulting in poor online reviews can also cause ticket sales to plummet.

Mice and rats enjoy many of the same conditions as cockroaches, making concert halls, cinemas, playhouses, and theaters a prime target for rodent infestations as well. Whether the pests are scurrying around behind screens or behind the curtain, gnawing on wires, or chewing on open and even unopened packaged snacks at the concession stand, widespread mouse or rat infestations can result in serious damage. There is also a very real disease risk due to the urine and droppings rats and mice leave behind.

Bed bugs can hitch a ride in on patrons' clothing and spread easily to seating. The pests are also small enough to hide in upholstered seams, making them extremely difficult to spot on dark theater seating. Pest control and prevention are critical for entertainment venues and concert halls to avoid infestations and damaging reviews due to bed bug bites.

Pest Entry & Prevention

High-traffic public places that serve food and drinks will always attract pests. Both cockroaches and rodents can slip in through small cracks or just wander in through open doors, while bed bugs can come inside along with customers. Western Pest Services offers specific pest control solutions for buildings in the entertainment industry to address insect and rodent issues and help prevent new ones.

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