Bed Bugs in New Jersey

Does New Jersey Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are so common in New Jersey that they once infested three government buildings in the state capital, including the health department. This reinforces the truth that, no matter how clean or well-maintained, any building is vulnerable to a bed bug infestation. Likewise, it underscores the need for homeowners to stay vigilant against these unpleasant pests.

Image of Bed Bugs on a Bed

Attracted by carbon dioxide and body heat, bed bugs feed solely on the blood of sleeping people. Immediately after feeding, the pests hide in mattresses, bedding, and carpet, making them extremely hard to find. People who experience bed bug bites develop red rashes or welts that are irritating and itchy. Other signs of bed bugs include rust-colored blood stains on bed linens, as well as dark smudges created by their feces.

Causes and Solutions

The presence of bed bugs has been on the rise in the U.S. since the late 1990s, with a steady increase in infestations across North America. The pests can now be found in hotels and motels, school dorms, and the homes of friends and relatives. Visiting an infested location can result in adult and baby bed bugs hitchhiking into homes on luggage and clothing. Once inside, they spread easily and are good at hiding. The licensed professionals at Western Pest Services should be homeowners’ first call to control the problem before removal becomes costly and involved.