Bees in New Jersey

New Jersey Bee Species

Several types of bees are common in New Jersey, including the official state insect, honey bees. Other species typically found in the area are bumble bees and carpenter bees. Bumble and carpenter bees occur naturally, while honey bees are not a native species. Instead, they are often cultivated by beekeepers for their honey and wax. While helpful in pollinating many of the state’s most important crops, these insects become pests when they live in local neighborhoods.

honey bee with pollen

Problems Caused by Honey Bees and Bumble Bees

While the types of bees found in the state are not aggressive without cause, they will sting to defend themselves or their hives. As their nests are often located in homes or yards, this can be a problem. Honey bees build hives in hollow trees and, on occasion, wall voids, while bumble bees create underground nests. Homeowners may accidentally step on bumble bees while mowing lawns or even see honey bees inside main living areas in homes. While honey bee infestations indoors are rare, colonies can produce mass amounts of honey that ooze through walls and ceilings as well as attract other wildlife.

Carpenter Bee Damage & Removal

Carpenter bees tend to be one of the most problematic types of bees for homeowners. These pests like to tunnel into wooden roof trim, siding, steps, decks, and porch railings, often returning to the same spot year after year. Normally, this burrowing behavior does little more than create some unsightly holes. However, repeated nesting over time can cause structural damage. As females of this species are able to sting, it’s best to leave bee removal to the trained wildlife specialists at Western Pest.