Beetles in New Jersey

Home-Invading Beetles in New Jersey

New Jersey is home to many types of beetles, but most remain outdoors. However, carpet beetles are very common to see inside residences, and they can damage more than carpet. Originally named in the days when carpets were made of wool, their diet is much more diverse than their name indicates. They damage a multitude of household items, including book bindings, silk, wool clothing, stuffed toys, and animal products like furs and feathers. Even worse, they will contaminate stored foods like cereals, grains, and pet foods.

image of a carpet beetle

How They Get In

The pests gain entrance into homes through cracks, vents, doors, and eaves. Adult beetles are attracted to light and often found near windows. Once inside, females lay beetle eggs in lint around baseboards, carpet edges, cracks, and furnace ducts. Infestations are often difficult to eliminate because of the pests’ ability to live in hard-to-find places throughout a structure. Trust the professionals at Western Pest Services to remove any type of beetle found inside New Jersey homes.