Hornets in New Jersey

Bald Faced Hornets

Spring is the primary season when New Jersey homeowners are subject to hornet infestations. The state’s most common species, the bald faced hornet, is easily recognizable thanks to the pests’ stout, black- and ivory-colored bodies. Bald faced hornets often invade yards and build nests in trees or around building roofs and eaves. As their colonies can contain upward of 400 members, their presence puts residents at risk of being stung.

bald faced hornet image

European Hornets

In addition to bald faced hornets, European hornets also pose a threat to New Jersey homeowners. These insects are two times the size of their counterparts and are equally aggressive. Living in yards close to humans, the pests will attack if they feel threatened. A hornet sting can cause swelling and pain that lasts for days or even trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Prevention and Control

Though hornet stings are usually not lethal, they are painful and frequently signal that there is a hive nearby. The best way to prevent these pests from causing discomfort is by regular inspection. Once nests have been discovered, it’s best to let professionals handle the problem. Trying to remove hornets alone often proves painful and dangerous for homeowners. To play it safe, contact the New Jersey wildlife experts at Western Pest Services for hornet removal.