Types of Mice in New Jersey

Types of Mice Found in New Jersey

The most common species of mice plaguing New Jersey homeowners are house mice, white-footed mice, and deer mice. While they may look similar and certainly cause the same disgust when found indoors, these species actually differ in many important ways. Deer and white-footed mice are field mice, meaning they are found less often in homes, but are more robust, and more energetic than the common household variety. In addition, they may carry deer ticks, the primary vector for Lyme disease in New Jersey.

house mouse picture

Mouse Problems & Damage

Regardless of their species, all home-invading mice in New Jersey can cause problems ranging from minor nuisances to serious medical issues. Homeowners with infestations often hear the pests gnawing, scurrying, scratching, and squeaking in the walls or ceiling at nighttime, when mice are most active. Out of the way areas, like attics and wall voids, are common nesting sites. Large groups of the pests are also accompanied by a musty smell from their oily fur, feces, and urine trails.

In addition to their unpleasant odor, droppings from any of these species may cause health problems. Food tainted by mice as they forage in pantries can give residents salmonellosis and other bacterial infections. Dried urine and feces also release particles into the air that, when inhaled, can lead to Hantavirus. This disease causes nausea, fever, liver failure, and even death in severe cases. Those who suspect their home is infested should contact the New Jersey wildlife experts at Western Pest Services for quick, safe, and effective mouse removal.