Rats in New Jersey

Why Do Rats Infest Homes?

In New Jersey, rats are often driven indoors by their desire to find food or a sheltered place to raise baby rats. Infestations peak during fall and winter months, when warmth and food are difficult to find outdoors. The pests are excellent climbers that often live in difficult to reach areas of the home. Common nesting sites include crawlspaces, firewood piles, and empty spaces within walls.

picture of a norway rat

Norway Rats in New Jersey

By far, the most prominent rodents in New Jersey are Norway rats. Strong burrowers and swimmers, these pests occasionally enter homes by climbing through toilet pipes. More commonly, they make use of cracks around vents, windows, doors, and siding as small as half of an inch in diameter. Any gap big enough for a rodent’s head to squeeze through can be used for entry. Norway rats also dig tunnels along building foundations, damaging structures and providing runways for others pests.

Damage Caused by New Jersey Rats

Kitchens are often victimized by rodent infestations. Tearing though boxes, wrappers, and plastic containers is no problem for these persistent pests. Norway rats love to eat meat, fish, peanut butter, grains, and other items found in pantries. They are also particularly fond of dry pet food. If small, half-inch long droppings with blunt edges are found around food, rodents are likely not far away. Thankfully, the professionals at Western Pest Services possess the necessary tools and knowledge to get rid of rat infestations throughout New Jersey.