Scorpions in New Jersey

Does New Jersey Have Scorpions?

While New Jersey is not warm enough to support any scorpion species, the state is home to tiny arachnids called pseudoscorpions.

What Pseudoscorpions Look Like
Reaching only about one-eighth of an inch in length, these pests have oval bodies and eight legs, leading them to frequently be confused with ticks or small spiders. They also have two extended pinchers similar to a scorpion’s.

While there are over 200 species of pseudoscorpions in North America, the pests’ secretive nature and small size ensure that most people will never see one.

Pseudoscorpions Dont Sting
Although it may look like a miniature scorpion, stings are impossible for a pseudoscorpion. In fact, the pests are entirely harmless to homeowners, as they have no stingers and their pinchers are too small to break human skin.

Inside the Home
Mostly found in leaf litter in yards, they sometimes enter local homes by hitchhiking on the legs of people or animals. Once inside, pseudoscorpions hide in bathrooms or between floorboards and book pages.

Indicative of Other Pest Problems
While the pests pose few problems on their own, their presence may indicate active infestations of the spiders and insects they feed on.

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