Ticks in New Jersey

Ticks Common to New Jersey

The early summer months are tick season in New Jersey, a time when residents must protect themselves from these disease-carrying pests. Common types of ticks in New Jersey include the deer tick (also called the black legged tick), American dog tick, and the lone star tick.

image of deer ticks

Diseases and Illnesses

Tick bites spread illnesses like Lyme disease, babesiosis, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Symptoms of tick-borne diseases can include bull’s-eye rashes, fatigue, fevers, headaches, stiff necks, muscle and joint pains, and dizziness. Lyme disease, carried a large percent of deer ticks in New Jersey, is the most feared tick-borne ailment of all. It can cause severe, permanent neurological problems in some victims.

Stopping the Spread

Ticks become infected by bacteria and parasites while sucking blood from tainted animals. They spread these illnesses when they attach to humans, and it is possible for people to be infected with more than one tick-borne disease at the same time. The pest management professionals at Western Pest Services throughout New Jersey are a homeowner’s ally in reducing the potential risk of tick bites in residential areas.