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In both the residential and commercial markets, Western has helped keep Turnersville, NJ and the surrounding areas safe with fast and effective pest control. We keep your needs in mind, providing you with the specific solutions your home or business requires.-Paul Filardo, Branch Manager

Turnersville is a very small town located east of Wilmington, Delaware and south of Philadelphia. While the population of Turnersville is small, populations of cockroaches, domestic rodents and termites can become problematic to residents. While domestic cockroaches and rodents pose pest pressures more or less year-round, other pests that are often encountered and are more seasonal in nature are ants and mosquitoes.

Turnersville Local Pest Pressure

Located in Washington Township, Turnersville, NJ, is a charming area with some not-so-charming pests. Cockroaches rummage through homes in search of food, water, and shelter. Though they hide in crevices during the day, the reddish-brown insects feed on crumbs, garbage, and dirty dishes at night. In addition to leaving homeowners disgusted, these crawlers contaminate any food or surface that their grimy bodies touch.

In the warmer months of late spring and summer, ants are more active than in cooler months since their colonies are increasing in population size and growing individuals must have additional food sources such as sugars, proteins and carbohydrates in order to survive and reproduce. Mosquitoes are another common pest in Turnersville. The flying insects are attracted to homes that contain standing water. For example, roof gutters, pool covers, bird baths, and puddles are all perfect breeding grounds for the pests. Aside from being blood-sucking nuisances that leave itchy, red bite marks, mosquitoes can spread diseases such as West Nile virus. Of course, mosquitoes are much more active during the warmer months of spring and summer and their developmental sites such as suitable sources of water are much more plentiful. Contact Western Pest for rodent and pest control services near you.

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Western Pest is a longstanding pest control company serving the Eastern United States. We offer residential and commercial pest control services near you, including termite protection, bed bug control, and rodent removal. Our comprehensive service offerings also include our Home Protection Plan, a year-round program designed to keep pests out for the duration. If a pest infestation occurs in your home or business, trust Western Pest to take care of the problem safely and effectively.