Wasps in New Jersey

Paper Wasps

Though there are many types of wasps in New Jersey, paper wasps are one of the most common. These multicolored insects form nests by chewing wood into sheets of brown or gray pulp, then allowing them to dry into a layered, papery covering. The pests often construct their homes in shrubs , trees, and buildings, which makes them a threat to homeowners. Although their stingers are mostly used to paralyze prey , paper wasps can deliver sharply painful stings to humans if their nests are threatened.

wasp image

Mud Wasps in New Jersey

These half-inch long pests are slender, black, and shiny. Mud wasps, or mud daubers, get their name from their habit of making nests out of mud. Their long, tube-shaped galleries are typically found hanging from the eaves of buildings, sheds, and garages. Mud wasps attack spiders, but, like other wasp species, they will sting humans when their homes are disturbed.

Ground Wasps

One of the most common ground wasps in New Jersey is the cicada killer. These pests build underground nests beneath lawns, gardens, and sandboxes. Since people often walk around these areas, conflicts can easily occur. Despite their intimidatingly large size, cicada killers will only sting when disturbed. They may, however, swoop down at people to scare them away. Though these wasps reduce populations of unwanted cicadas, they can cause discomfort when they sting and create unsightly holes in yards. Contact the experts at Western Pest Services to safely eliminate wasps around the home.