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Staten Island bills itself as a small town within a big city and offers visitors and residents a wide array of outdoor recreation, culture and arts, plus living history events. Staten Island is the third largest borough in New York City and has of a broad degree of diversity.

Staten Island Local Pest Pressure

Part of the diversity of Staten Island is a broad spectrum of pests that are active both seasonally and throughout the year. Common problem pests for businesses and residents include cockroaches, ants, domestic rodents and termites. Since domestic, inside dwelling species of cockroaches can be found year-round, there are many things that property owners can do to minimize cockroach pest pressures.

Poor cleanliness and pest exclusion are two important factors that may lead to cockroach problems. As with almost any insect, cockroaches will not do well in an environment where adequate quantity and quality of food is absent. That means that property owners must ensure they are always vigilant in their inspection for and removal of food waste that cockroaches find attractive. Secondly, keeping the property free of ways in which cockroaches can get inside and hide is critical. Therefore, property owners must be on the lookout for cracks, gaps and holes that can allow cockroaches a way to enter and suitable places to hide. In other words, practicing good pest exclusion will go a long way to reducing cockroach pressures.

However, even when good sanitation and exclusion is practiced, there can be situations when a pest professional is needed. So, it is a good idea to contact the pest specialists at Western Pest for rodent and pest control services near you.
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