Pest Control Needs on the Mainline Differ from Philly

Urban and suburban regions draw different pests, and while there is some overlap, it’s important to know what to watch out for. With offices throughout the area, Western is experienced both in and out of the city. Here’s a quick highlight of what you may encounter this spring:

“In the heart of the city, you’ll see all kinds of things,” says Paul Filardo, S. Jersey / Philly Regional Sales Manager. “Spiders, rats and mice are prevalent, along with roaches, ants, and bed bugs.”

Proximity to one’s neighbors adds a layer of complexity to city pest control, so it’s important to partner with a pest control provider that understands the complexities of pest biology and behavior. Sometimes, the wrong approach to roach control, for example, can cause them to quickly spread into nearby apartments and businesses.

Mainline Pest Control
“On the mainline, it’s different. We don’t see as many cockroaches, but have more serious issues with stink bugs, ants, and termites,” Filardo observes. “We also get more calls for animal removal – the Mainline has issues with groundhogs, and squirrel removal calls have been increasing.”

Filardo notes that carpenter ants can cause damage to Mainline homes, and carpenter bees are also prevalent.
Whether you’re in the city or the suburbs, “you don’t have to see a problem to have a problem,” Filardo stresses. “It doesn’t cost anything to have an inspection, and it could save you in the long run.”