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Working at Western is Rewarding – and Awarding

Western Pest Services has a history of putting people first. The “people” they put first are their customers AND their employees. While all the people working at Western are considered superstars, it’s important to recognize those that have gone above and beyond what’s expected of them.

No matter what is happening at the company, Western knows it’s always time to focus on their employees as well as their customers. One of Western’s core values is their people – every decision the company makes is made with its people in mind. That’s why the decision was made to bring back this award. They not only brought it back but revamped and upgraded it. It’s important to Western that their employees have the chance to not only celebrate their successes but the successes of their coworkers as well. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating the employees who won the awards for the first half of the year and then having fun (another Western core value!) at an awards dinner where they will select the winners for the entire year.

The awards are earned by Technicians, Customer Service Representatives, and Supervisors who live the Western core values and provide first-class service both inside and outside their branches. Winners are chosen by an impartial group of people. Anyone can nominate, but these winners happened to be nominated by their Branch Managers. That shows us that their impact is being recognized at some of the highest levels. We are proud to announce the 2022 winners:

Q1 Winners:

Supervisor of the Quarter: John Colella, Spring House
Technician of the Quarter: Nick Bucci, Maple Shade
Supervisor of the Quarter: Joe Russo, Mountainside
Technician of the Quarter: Jimmy Sagurton, Monmouth
Customer Service Representative of the Quarter: Lisa Reilly, Paramus
Customer Service Representative of the Quarter: Cheryl Reck, Spring House

Q2 Winners:
CSR of the Quarter: Tonya Pousson, Maple Shade
CSR of the Quarter: Nicole Acquaire, West Orange
Technician of the Quarter: William “Woody” Chue, New York
Technician of the Quarter: John Flores, Wilmington
Supervisor of the Quarter: Victoria Soman, Atlantic City & Ocean County
Supervisor of the Quarter: Stephen Cuonzo, Morris County

Q3 Winner:

CSR of the Quarter: Shirley Gimbut, Monmouth
CSR of the Quarter: Breanna Smalley, Cape May
Technician of the Quarter:  William Duda, Paramus                                                       
Technician of the Quarter:  Howell Alley, Wilmington
Supervisor of the Quarter: Mike Scimeca, West Orange                                                          
Supervisor of the Quarter:  Bob Fox, Maple Shade

Q4 Winners:

Supervisor of the Quarter: Frank Giovannucci
Supervisor of the Quarter: Victor Hernandez
Technician of the Quarter: Brandon Krejdovski
Technician of the Quarter: Frank Shafto
Customer Service Representative of the Quarter: Penny Barella

Employees of the Year 2022 Winners:
Supervisor of the Year: Victor Hernandez, Ocean County
Technician of the Quarter: Nick Bucci, Maple Shade
Supervisor of the Quarter: Joe Russo, Mountainside
Technician of the Year: Jimmy Sagurton, Monmouth
Customer Service Representative of the Year: Shirley Gimbut, Monmouth

It’s impressive to win, but why did they win? Here’s what some of the people that nominated the employees said:

Ed McConnell, Paramus branch manager said about Lisa Reilly, “Lisa took over all the Commercial CSR desk duties as well as her own while we looked for a replacement for an employee that left. She did so without complaint and has efficiently managed the extra workload. We don’t want her to keep going like that because we don’t want her to burn out, but she stepped up when it was needed, and we thank her for that. She 100% deserves this award.” It doesn’t sound like 100% is enough but it will do.

Steve Swanson, Mountainside branch manager, said about Joe Russo, “Joe has done an awesome job coming into 2022. He is very engaged with our top commercial accounts and goes above and beyond to address their issues. Joe has taken the lead in this region with the use of technology including motion censored cameras and smart rodent traps. This has proved to be a very valuable service offering. Joe has also done a fantastic job ensuring the logbooks in our top accounts are always audit ready.” It sounds like Joe’s customers are the winners here.

Greg Barnable, manager at our Maple Shade branch said about Tonya, “Tonya‘s hospitality and welcoming feeling not only exudes over the phone when our customers call but her knowledge gives them confidence that the service is going to be done properly. Tonya has the respect of the management team, technicians, sales reps, and most importantly our customers.” Tonya is clearly invaluable and there aren’t enough good words to do her justice, but he came pretty close.

Vicki Soman helps two different branches and also runs the canine division. Even though both branches usually get rated a 10 by customers, an 8 just isn’t enough for her! Paul Filardo, manager at our Atlantic City branch said about Vicki, “She jumps on the 8 ratings and will call the customers before I even get a chance!” Now that’s a proactive employee.

We asked Vincent Cicileo, manager of our New York City branch about Woody and why he was a shoo-in for this award. He said, “Woody has been instrumental to the success of the New York office. As the hospitality industry in NYC becomes comes back, Woody has been fully engaged in servicing this vertical market, consistently providing first-class service, and exceeding all expectations.” Clearly, Woody’s customers benefit the most from his outstanding service.

The winning employees go above and beyond every day. Not just at work but in the communities where they live and work. Each winner received a trophy and prize and was recognized throughout the company as well as on the Western corporate social channels. They also scored an invitation to the annual celebration dinner and are now in the running for Technician, CSR, or Supervisor of the Year. Ultimately, the winners were announced and celebrated at the awards dinner at the Borgata in Atlantic City. Congratulations to all the nominees and the winners!