Average Lifespan of an Ant

These insects have a unique and complicated social structure that affects how long an individual ant lives. Depending on its role within the colony, the average ant lifespan may be a couple of weeks or a few decades.

How Long Do Ants Live?


The most common ant in a colony, workers are females that cannot reproduce. They have a number of duties in a nest, including caring for newly hatched larvae, foraging for food, and defending the nest. Worker ant lifespans typically range from a few months to a year.


Inside an ant colony, male drones exist solely to mate with a queen. Unfertilized eggs produce males, while fertilized eggs result in workers or queens. These large, winged ants leave the nest in order to mate. The average lifespan of an ant drone is only a week or two.


Queens lay eggs and are in charge of populating the colony. In most ant species, these females have wings that allow them to fly,reproduce, and start new nests. Queen ants live up to 30 years under the right conditions.

Ant Control

The high breeding rate and long average lifespan of an ant result in large-scale infestations. Colonies in homes expand rapidly, which makes removal difficult. Contact Western Pest Services for efficient solutions to stubborn ant problems.