image of ghost ants

Although nearly a thousand different types of ants live across the country, some regions have specific ant species that create issues in homes. Common local varieties include:

Odorous House Ants

Typically found under rocks and debris, odorous house ants cause the most problems when they infest houses. With a diet including sugar, dead insects, and grease, this ant species will readily search for food in kitchens and contaminate pantry items. In rare cases, odorous house ants may also nest in wall voids.

Pavement Ants

Pavement ants live in soil along the edges of driveways, patios, and sidewalks. Homeowners often spot their mounds-shaped nests in yards, though these ants sometimes make their way into homes through foundation cracks. Spilled food and sweets attract these hungry pests.

Carpenter Ants

Unlike most types of ants, these pests burrow into wood to create space for their colonies. Since they target damp or rotting timber, their tunnels can lead to structural damage. Carpenter ants don’t eat the wood they live in, so they may also forage for food in kitchens.

Ant Removal

A few factors make removing these insects tough without professional help. Many different types of ants have colonies deep underground that over-the-counter products can’t reach. Others build multiple nests, making a single treatment ineffective.

Since some ant species inflict serious damage over time, residents should handle infestations as soon as possible. For quick ant identification and control, contact the experts at Western Pest Services.