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Do OTC & DIY Bed Bug Solutions Actually Work?

Nowadays everyone worries about their ability to handle a bed bug infestation.

Unfortunately, certain individuals are trying to benefit from that fact and unproven bed bug remedies are being sold left and right.

The end result is confusion for homeowners so we checked in with Hope Bowman, Technical Specialist for our South Jersey, PA and DE region to review what may and may not work.

OTC Bed Bug Aerosols

Aerosol bed bug treatments are readily available.

However, Ohio State University recently conducted a review of these treatments that deemed them ineffective. “We’ve seen that same evidence in the field,” she says, “but it’s good to have an academic study.” The EPA is now reviewing these treatments, which means restrictions may be on the way.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Heat treatments can be a useful component of a bed bug treatment plan.

However, they are very dangerous when attempted by homeowners with little or no pest control experience. Western recommends that homeowners not attempt bed bug heat treatments themselves.

Bed Bug Mattress Covers

Bed bug mattress covers can be a sound investment. When sealing your mattress and box spring, keep in mind they are independently certified to offer a layer of protection.

They are washable, easy to install, offer peace of mind and serve as a first line of defense should you face an infestation.

Leave Bed Bug Extermination to the Professionals

News reports can spur a bit of bed bug mania, but among pests that people can attempt to treat at home, this isn’t one of them.

Professional Advice
As Mark Froio, Western’s Residential Division Sales Manager puts it: “bed bugs are not something to mess around with.”

The most common issue with DIY bed bug control is ineffectiveness. Combating bed bug infestations is complicated and bed bugs can easily scatter throughout a home.

Failing to locate bed bug hiding spots is another problem. Froio notes that he has seen bed bugs everywhere from the obvious (beds and couches) to the not-so obvious (behind pictures, in curtains, or actually on individuals).

In the worst of cases, botched bed bug control can be dangerous. “People find bed bug extermination tips on the Internet and can end up putting themselves at risk.”

Misusing Treatments
For example, misapplication of heat treatments can raise temperatures in a home to a level that can cause fires or in some cases, actually start fires when faulty or incorrect equipment is used. Froio has also witnessed cases where people over-applied pesticides right on their beds.

Not a Cleanliness Issue
Froio attributes some of these bed bug incidents to embarrassment. People mistakenly think a bed bug issue reflects poorly on them personally and attempt to keep it hidden.

He stresses that bed bugs are 100% not a cleanliness issue – you can bring them home from anywhere. In other words, it’s not you, it’s the bed bug!

Treatment Options

From bed bug dogs that can pinpoint infestations to proven bed bug extermination methods, an experienced professional can help.

“Having bed bugs is like identity fraud, they don’t discriminate. I’ve seen them in the cleanest 5,000 square-foot penthouses.” – Mike Whalen, Commercial Sales Manager for NY & Northern NJ

Consult the Professionals
So keep an eye out for bed bugs in locations other than just your bed and contact Western’s Bed Bug Detection and Extermination services to help eliminate the problem!

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