Carpet Beetle Life Cycle

image of a carpet beetle

Problems with Carpet Beetles

While adult carpet beetles cause few problems for homeowners, their larvae are a different story. The pests chew holes in plant- and animal-based fabrics around the house. Since these insects breed indoors, watching for pests in all phases of the carpet beetle life cycle can alert residents to infestations.

Stages in the Carpet Beetle Life Cycle


These pests lay their eggs in concealed places around baseboards and dark closets. Eggs hatch into larvae in about two weeks, though this stage could take longer depending on conditions. Deposits of carpet beetle eggs may be visible with close inspection.


Once carpet beetle eggs hatch, larvae begin to feed on materials like hair and dander. They cause the most damage when feeding on woolen rugs, fabric, hides, and other expensive decor. The pests may also infest packaged foods like flour and cereals.


To transform into adults, carpet beetle larvae need to pupate. They overwinter as larvae and develop inside a cocoon-like skin for up to 20 days before emerging as adults.


Adults are harmless compared to carpet beetle larvae. Although they feed on plant pollen, the pests may fly through open windows or doors towards a light source. Females lay eggs less than a week after they emerge, causing infestations to grow rapidly. They may lay over 100 eggs at a time.

Controlling Carpet Beetles

Eliminating the source of the infestation is the best way to exclude carpet beetles. Since the pests eat everything from clothes to upholstery, removing all food sources isn’t practical. Instead, clean up easy meals, like lint along baseboards, and seal pantry goods in air-tight jars. Keep windows and doors closed to stop adult pests from flying inside.

To remove all stages of the carpet beetle life cycle, residents may need help from professionals. Contact the team at Western Pest Services for a thorough inspection and reliable removal.

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