Cockroach Allergen Concerns

If you think cockroaches are simply unsightly, you’re mistaken. Cockroaches have the ability to spread harmful pathogens and they can even evoke allergies out of certain individuals.

While most people associate cockroaches with filth and are therefore aware that they spread diseases, many individuals remain ignorant of the effect the insects have on allergies and asthma.

Since they have harmful allergens in their feces, saliva, and body parts, cockroaches are directly related to hypersensitivity in people where infestations are present.

Flare Ups

Allergies may flare up when cockroaches come into direct or indirect contact with human skin and when dust containing cockroach body parts, droppings, or saliva is inhaled.

We recently chatted with Hope Bowman, Western’s Technical Specialist in Philadelphia/South Jersey, to discover how exactly cockroaches cause allergies in some people.

“Their skin is often the problem. They molt and shed. Every time they do that they lose their cap skin and it’s brittle and breaks down.”

Cockroach Droppings

Another factor lies in their droppings.

Cockroaches can infiltrate even the cleanest of homes. Unfortunately, cleaning up after them will not fully eliminate the allergens.

It is most important to eliminate the cockroaches. You need to rid your home of these pests if you suspect that you have them

High-risk Areas

Dense Populations
Individuals who live in corporate housing and other closely packed quarters typically experience greater risks of contracting cockroach-related allergies or asthma.

These kinds of living arrangements offer cockroaches the food and shelter they need to flourish, which leads to larger infestations.

The larger the population of present cockroaches, the more allergens will be introduced into the environment.

Cockroach control is no laughing matter – nor is it amusing when these alarming pests show up in your home.

Avoid Infestations
Evidence of even one or two cockroaches could indicate the presence of many more, and your house offers everything a cockroach wants: warmth, water, food, shelter and great places to nest.

Contact the Experts
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