image of a cockroach

Finding Cockroaches Indoors

Four species of cockroaches in the Mid-Atlantic area infest homes. While the German and American varieties are most common, homeowners can find the brown banded and Oriental cockroach in the house as well.

Once these pests get inside, humidity attracts them to their favorite hiding places. Residents may notice cockroaches under bathroom sinks and kitchen appliances or in basements and laundry rooms.

How Do Cockroaches Get in the House?

What Causes Roaches in Homes?

American and German cockroaches both live in sewers. The pests can crawl up through drainage pipes to get into homes. Additionally, they often sneak in through cracks in a building’s foundation or gaps under doors.

Health Effects of Cockroaches in Homes

Most problems with cockroaches in houses involve sanitation. The pests carry bacteria on their bodies and spread it around kitchens while looking for food. Contamination of countertops and pantries leads to the spread of illness. Food poisoning and dysentery are two common cockroach diseases.

In addition, some asthma and allergy symptoms have connections to cockroaches in the house. The insects produce a protein that triggers asthmatic attacks and allergic reactions. This substance exists within the pests’ bodies, cast skins, and waste.

Controlling Cockroaches in the House

Prevention is the key to control. Homeowners can try filling cracks with caulk and replace weather stripping to keep these insects out of homes. Cleaning kitchens regularly also helps.

However, as soon as residents notice a cockroach in the house, they should call professionals. The technicians at Western Pest Services have experience removing all the local, home-invading species of these unpleasant insects.