Cockroach Prevention Tips

Ways to Keep Roaches Out

Eliminate What They Need to Survive

As with all living things, cockroaches require food, water and shelter to survive. Limiting the insect’s access to one, two or all three of these basic necessities is an excellent means of infestation prevention.

  • Plumbing: Take care of any plumbing problems such as addressing leaks or insulating pipes to eliminate condensation.
  • Cleanliness: Avoid leaving moist sponges, dishrags, pet food and dirty dishes out overnight. Clean up food spills immediately and store garbage in sealed canisters.
  • Food Packaging: Make sure food packaging is sealed well and containers are not able to be chewed.
  • Reduce Habitat: Removing clutter, paper, cardboard, insulation and cloth will eliminate ideal hiding places for cockroaches.
  • Seal Cracks: Lastly, seal off small spaces like wall cracks, holes in cabinets and furniture, and pipes with caulk.

Some Ways to Remove Roaches

Mid-Atlantic homeowners already dealing with an infestation need to consider the many options for cockroach removal. For smaller infestations, trapping proves an effective means of control.

Trapping works best when small spaces around the home are sealed thus eliminating hiding places for the insect, and the residents of the household observe good sanitation practices.

Use a Vacuum:
Vacuums are also helpful tools in the cockroach removal arsenal. Hose attachments may be used to suck the insect from cracks and other restrictive spaces.

Additionally, vacuums pick up fecal matter and skin casings, which adult cockroaches can use as food sources. Simply vacuuming up adult cockroaches does not kill the insects.

Residents should put the vacuum bag in a sealed bag and place it outside the building.

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