American Cockroaches

Do Cockroach Traps Work in Homes?

Cockroach traps work to some extent in most houses and apartments, though they may not be the most effective option. Bait traps reduce the number of insects, but a comprehensive pest removal plan is crucial for cockroach removal.

Cockroach Bait Traps

These devices use a food lure that contains slow-acting insecticide. The pest seat the bait, take traces of it back to the nest, and then perish after a short time. While these cockroach bait traps work, they only affect the insects that consume or share the tainted food.

Popular cockroach bait traps include gel baits and boric acid. These may help in areas where the pests hide out, including behind kitchen appliances and inside sink cabinets. Cockroach traps work best along walls and in humid areas to cut back insect populations.

Preventing Infestations

Cockroaches can survive in almost any setting, clean or dirty. Cluttered homes and multiple-family units see more infestations, but it’s possible for any household to have cockroaches.

Combined with good sanitation, cockroach bait traps help homeowners decrease the number of pests in houses. However, these hardy insects can be tough to evict. To control cockroaches, look to experts like the technicians at Western Pest Services.