Flea Control in Your Home

Learn about these close-to-home threats.

About Fleas

Adult fleas are typically between 1/6 and 1/8 of an inch long and are dark in color, varying from brown to reddish brown. These pests are known for jumping onto their host, where they will bite and feed on its blood. While fleas bite humans, they do not live on our bodies or in our hair. They prefer animal hosts to live on and can commonly be found on pets. Fleas breed quickly, making them difficult to remove.

Fleas can transfer tapeworms and other parasites to your pets, and their bite can be irritating to humans. Flea infestations occur quickly if pets are untreated, and they can be very difficult to remove.

  • Spread parasites to pets
  • Difficult to remove
  • Irritating bites
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Detecting Fleas

If fleas are present in your home, the first warning sign is usually finding flea dirt—fecal matter resembling black pepper or pencil erasings—around your house or seeing your pet frequently itching themselves. Fleas are visible to the human eye, so you may also see them jumping or feel them biting your skin.

Preventing Fleas

The best way to help prevent fleas from infesting your home is using a monthly protection medication from your veterinarian on your pets. You can also help keep flea populations low by disrupting their life cycles with frequent cleaning or vacuuming of carpets and pet beds.
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